Sold! Minnesota software firm agrees to purchase Doug’s art

November 29, 2006

Today TempWorks Software of Eagan Minnesota agreed to purchase several pieces from my Lady’s Fashion Shoes and Famous Places collection. The company is expanding its corporate headquarters office and the art will decorate the new area. Full disclosure: My brother Gregg Dourgarian is President of the company and an enthusiastic supporter of my work. Many thanks to Gregg and his staff.


WordPress Blog Tool Ranks High

November 26, 2006

This blog is written using software provided by WordPress. I like it very much because it does everything I need in an easy to use format. One reason I settled on WordPress was this comparison chart from the University of Southern California. When I checked each feature listed this software was consistently scored high which made my choice easier plus it was free. Keep up the good work WordPress.

Red Rose Shoes – Most Popular

November 22, 2006


No question, this image was by far the most popular at the art fair last Sunday. It was a complete sell out. Soon I will have a new edition of this available for sale at American Frame. Red shoes in general were a hit at the fair, but this one was by far the favorite.

Doug’s first show – a big sucess

November 20, 2006

Yesterday, Sunday, St. Mary’s Church in Sacramento hosted an artist fair and I shared a booth with artists Evelyn Borba, and Dan Lorenzo. Many thanks to all the visitors to our booth, the great support, and patronage. I appreciate you all. This was my first time exhibiting my art for sale and I am touched by the many favorable comments about my work. The pictures of lady’s fashion shoes were by far the most popular. We were interviewed by The Sacramento Bee’s Pamela Martineau for this article about the fair. Here is a picture of the booth with Evelyn and me. Special thanks to her for having an eye for my artwork and encouraging me to join her at the show.


Four Handbags

November 17, 2006


This is a detail, for the full image please see my webpage. Somehow I was not quite happy with only one and I experimented with several methods to combine two or more handbags. This reminds me a little too much of the famous Andy Warhol portraits but this is what I wanted to do. I still like the one in the upper left corner best. I took these pictures during a recent trip to San Francisco in the fancy department stores. These were expensive and their dispays had a nice lighting system making the setup for the picture eaiser for me. The sales help for these purses was not much bothered by me taking the pictures but I have been kicked out of some high fashion stores in the past. Apparently those shop owners were afraid I was a spy taking pictures so I could steal their designs. Despite my assurances I was just an artist not interested in the subtle details, I was asked to leave.

New – Lady’s Handbags

November 15, 2006


This is a detail of my newest subject matter and the post will be filed under “Lady’s Shoes” because, for now, I consider it in the same category. Perhaps I should call this a purse? A full version of this image is available on my website The shapes and background texture are what pleases me the most. This has been a great way for me to pass the time while waiting for my wife. This time she said “those purses look great; where did you find them?”

New York City – Times Square

November 11, 2006


This is a detail of the view from the 45th (gulp) floor window of our hotel room. Geez, I had minor phobias just getting to our room from the glass elevator. Then we walked into the room and I couldn’t believe the view straight down. I was scared to go within 10 feet of the window for about an hour. Then I got out my camera and started taking pictures with it pressed against the window. It was still spooky but I was able to get some shots off. The original was drab, shadowless light and I wanted to make this one come to life. Notice there is no traffic on the early Sunday morning street. At street level Times Square had a carnival tone about it; there was live music, bright lights during midday, lots of people, street vendors of all sorts, cars, buses, you name it. This piece is my attempt to capture that carnival tone by using the colors, distortions, and the geometry of the buildings. To see the entire image in easy to view format visit my web site called