web site up and running

December 26, 2006

Today I am happy to announce my new, improved web site is up and running.  All of my art is on display and can be purchased in one place called  Stop by for a visit soon, I think you will like it.


Manolo Blahnik shoes here soon

December 10, 2006

shoe-purse-trio-web.JPGManolo’s shoes will soon be featured in my art. Recently he was interviewed in Orange Coast magazine and told the story of his growing up in the Canary Islands on a banana plantation. Now he is featured in the Design Museum’s web site where they give even more details of his life and career. I love a good biography and Manolo’s story is a good one. Now I need his shoes in my art collection. Anybody have a suggestion on a pair that might work best for my art? In the meantime this detail of an image from my web site has a burnt orange background that I really enjoy.

These boots were made for walkin’

December 6, 2006

When I first painted in oils back in college there just was not enough paint in a tube for even a small painting as far as I was concerned. That is one reason I love working in my “digital darkroom” because I can really gook on the paint, no drying time, in any color combination imaginable. The background for this work is what pleases me the most on this one.


Who else needs foot candy?

December 3, 2006

Most anybody reading this blog is passionate about shoes. That is why I’m pleased to direct my readers to other web sites that share the passion. No question is run by shoe aficionados and they deliver the goods.

Several of the styles displayed on their site would make great art as far as I’m concerned. The trick for me is to find those styles in the stores so I can photograph them. Just to be clear: I use only my own original photos. There are many reasons for this including copyright permissions but more importantly I started all this because I like to take pictures. Finding these shoes in the stores is part of the fun and this is a peak to the direction of some future work.