About.com article on my shoe art

January 16, 2007

Today About.com’s guide to shoes Desiree Stimpert wrote this very nice article about my artwork. Of course I am most grateful for the kind words and the fact she purchased two of my pieces: one from my shoe art gallery and Times Square, New York City. Great choices on two artworks I enjoyed creating.

The About.com guide to shoes is an excellent resource containing lots of shoe articles and links to related sites. You have got to check out the What’s Hot link box to see shoes like these from Guess:

Polka Dot Shoes


Black & White #7

January 13, 2007

Black & White shoe art #7My favorite pieces of shoe art by others is not necessarily Andy Warhol. While his work is inspiring I like the ones containing both a shoe and purse. That is what prompted me to start my own work in this direction. This image is not for sale but is part of a series I created with an Italian leather set in black and white. More of this to come.