Sveti Stefan & Controversy

August 31, 2008

This little island can set emotions on fire in many ways. Beautiful setting, exclusive area, beaches, olive groves, flowers, what more could a person want? Somehow the current ownership of the property is in question. As you can imagine such a nice spot has long been the desire of non owners at wartime. I don’t have all the details but the man I spoke told me he and others on the outside feel they own property rights now being enjoyed by others inside the gates. One thing I know for sure is the beauty if this Adriatic setting.

Sveti Stefan 2


Palm Springs California

August 18, 2008

As a teenager growing up in colder climes east of the rockies I first saw a real palm tree in Northern California. Somehow it held me in a trance and ever since I love looking at them. The small groups of palms I saw then are nothing compared to groves in, well, Palm Springs. This view is actually in Palm Desert at the Marriott Desert Springs Hotel and there were hundreds of palms in a single view with about a dozen towering over all the rest. Throw in a nice mountain, fancy hotel, swimming pool, sunset, and you have all the ingredients of a classic winter afternoon in the desert.

Palms CIMG0004

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A Tale of Two Artworks

August 13, 2008

Go back just a few years and it is difficult for me to believe how much the look of my work has changed. This version, I’ll call it “A” was done in August 2006 after my trip to Georgetown. To be truthful I didn’t like it and don’t recall posting it to my web site.

Canal Boat 6

Please post your opinion because the feedback helps very much. Here is the same piece in today’s look. I’ll call this one “B” and still not sure if it belongs on my site.

Georgetown redo 3

The first thing I notice is chopping off the sky and trees in A. Its kind of dark up there. The colors of course are way into the bright zone in A too. For what its worth all my art seems to start with the primary colors and it takes me awhile to bring out the subtleties. Geez two years is a long time in this case. Any other differences?

Alaskan Jazz Trio

August 10, 2008

These guys are not really from Alaska. However I did see them play on our family vacation cruise in Alaska. The north most state is so beautiful it was hard to take it all in during such a short visit. There are many images of the state in my mind and even more in my camera. Whatever the reason this is my first image from the cruise this summer.  Like always I have several versions of this image. The others are all much lighter and more colorful. This one was my first version and I’m sticking with it. Let me know if you need to see another one.

Jazz Trio

Check out more of Doug Dourgarian’s high heel shoe art and famous places albums called Doug’s Art Gallery at