Feeding Ducks in the Park

January 12, 2009

Usually I don’t work on this type of subject matter for artwork. This is my son showing a great interest in the ducks at McKinley Park in Sacramento. The light and colors attracted me to this scene. I may have overworked his head and left arm but this is pretty much what I was trying to accomplish.

Jason in the park


Hiway to Nowhere

January 8, 2009

This one is based on a photo I took in 2002 outside of Reno Nevada. I was driving toward Pyramid Lake and once outside of Reno’s city limits on a two lane road I quickly realized I was in the middle of nowhere. Instead of panicking I resorted to taking a picture. Up until now doing something with the image was on my “to do” list. Please don’t tease me about the six years of not doing anything. Actually I had several unsuccessful attempts and I kept throwing them away.

Hiway to no where 4

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