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August 7, 2017

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Minneapolis Bridge at Night

October 13, 2011

This image is based on a photo from the Minneapolis theater near the river during intermission. The distortion of the roadway is intentional, I thought it added to the interest and keeping the eye. My studies of the same bridge without the distortion did not seem to capture the same interest level.

Feeding Ducks in the Park

January 12, 2009

Usually I don’t work on this type of subject matter for artwork. This is my son showing a great interest in the ducks at McKinley Park in Sacramento. The light and colors attracted me to this scene. I may have overworked his head and left arm but this is pretty much what I was trying to accomplish.

Jason in the park

Hiway to Nowhere

January 8, 2009

This one is based on a photo I took in 2002 outside of Reno Nevada. I was driving toward Pyramid Lake and once outside of Reno’s city limits on a two lane road I quickly realized I was in the middle of nowhere. Instead of panicking I resorted to taking a picture. Up until now doing something with the image was on my “to do” list. Please don’t tease me about the six years of not doing anything. Actually I had several unsuccessful attempts and I kept throwing them away.

Hiway to no where 4

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Merry Christmas To All

December 25, 2008

Thank you everyone for such a great Christmas season. You have all been so wonderful to me. Here is the view of my Christmas tree early this morning before everyone woke up.

CIMG1675 first

Santa Clara University Concert in the Mission

November 17, 2008

The university’s orchestra played beautiful music inside the beautiful mission and it was a terrific combination. This pianist is a student at SCU and he was a crowd pleaser. Lucky for me, my niece plays in the violin section and got me a front row seat for this view. This was an evening to be remembered.

Piano Man v6  1256

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Who Else Wants the Perfect Place in a Small Town?

October 17, 2008

Most artists aspire to some kind of studio to create or write. The story of Jackson Pollack in his studio during the drip period in a rural area of Long Island is a great example. That would be the right mix of creativity and sense of place for me on a pleasant summer day.

Right now a spare bedroom with a computer is the best I can do but that does not stop me from dreaming. There are many places in California I see regularly that I would love to live. My Wonder Years (2-12) were spent in New Jersey and last month I managed to visit a beautiful community in the Garden State called Bedminster. I picked out a few places there to add to my wish list and managed to take a picture of this house because it caught my eye and seemed to pull me in with its charm.

I suppose everyone has a place or many places you would like to call home. As time goes on I’ll include more of mine in this blog.

Bedminster 2

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